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I’ve been flightfeeding for quite some time already and I discovered that I had my Gain settings incorrect.
Thanks to @wiedehopf and @abcd567 i was able to set more correct gain settings.

Now I’m wondering if you have any other advice in regard to the setup ?

I have a challenging environment, I have 2 feeders, opposite of each other on the 3rd floor of an appartment building. Antenna’s are mounted inside the building due to restrictions of the home owners association. I’ve uploaded 2 screenshots, both setups are shown.

I use Raspberry Pi’s, blue flightware prosticks plus, Flightaware 1090MHZ filters and I have tje FA antenna, 1 with 1 meter COAX, the other has 3 meter coax connection ( both SMA to N connectors).

Looking forward to your comments in order to learn something, maybe I should adjust gain up or down ?

Some quick observations:

  1. Filters plus the blue FA Stick? Maybe not needed. See this topic:
    Do I Need A Filter?

  2. Gain. Could consider increasing the gain on the ADSB1 Back. 0.3 %. Unless you have planes flying overhead and you lose reception brieflly. It’s okay to have messages greater than 3dBFS; depends on the objective of your feeder. Might get a little more range.

  3. Checked your range compared to theoretical max? Check your tracks?
    Use tar1090 and add heywhatsthat range outline and also check ?pTracks to see if the gain setting is getting you the max range or if you are more interested in the close/overhead planes.

  4. Whatever you change, give it time to generate some data/graphs. Small changes.

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Hello Mark,

I’ve added the filters due to cell towers nearby (within 400 meters) in this urban area. This has helped with reducing the noise levels I get.

I live near one of the approaches of EHAM and they fly within 1 KM indeed. That side is mainly blocked by the building itself.
I used to have the gain set at 20 now it is on 37.2 after measurements.
Range is averaging on the 180 NM mark for the front reciever, the back reciever is more closed in by the building so I expect a lesser range there.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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