ADS-B Multiple Sites on FA

Is it possible to have a number of sites that all show up on one’s own private FA “SkyView”

If this cannot be done on FA is there any other group that that has got a way of presenting all the receivers on one map?

I don’t know about FA Skyview, but it’s easily done with VRS.

Are these sites on same local network, or at different locations on different networks?

Different networks.
The goal is to have perhaps 20 different sites so that
every participant at each site can view all the other “live” data
rather than all the censored time delayed publicly available info.

The raw data is readily available on each feeder (e.g. on port 30005), but you’ll need to work out the logistics of transporting / merging / presenting the data yourself. VRS is an option here. Please be aware of the restrictions on sharing multilateration results.

The very first and basic thing you will have do on all sites is to setup Port forwarding or VPN.

re Port Forwarding - Would you have any references on how to do that?
Do I port forward my own IP address to each remote?

That raises another question. Can I operate an unlimited number of receivers on ONE IP address? If its how would one be able to “Select” or would ALL of the sites appear on One Map which is what would one would reasonably expect as the obvious way to go?

You have to open/forward the port on each site you want to access remotely. Each site will use its own IP. As for instructions, it will vary from router to router.

I don’t think so. Well… are you talking public or private IPs? There may be differences. I’ll let the network experts run with this.

They won’t. Once you merge everything, it’s all in one 'bucket. Unless you setup something like the ADSBExchange. There, you can see everything, or just one individual feed, provided a custom port was setup for each site on the server.

Would anyone have the code that would need to be added to each SD card at each remote location, to forward its data to my home base IP address? I have not been able to see anything on this.

Am I correct in assuming, all the remote receivers would show up on the one map with my present home base receiver?

The forwarding is from each site router’s input to its respective RPi port, not out to your home IP.

The home IP, if following my initial suggestion where VRS is used, will access the remote sites.There is no extra code needed for the SD cards, unless you also want a DNS translation for each site.

Correct for the map, nothing to do with your home receiver. Your home receiver is just one receiver among the many you’ll merge onto the same VRS map.

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