ADS-B Dongle Not Receiving Any Aircraft

Hello, so yesterday I plugged in my dongle and for 30 second I was getting aircraft 60 miles+ with the default RTL-SDR antenna (I am using the FlightAware dongle) but now I am not receiving a single aircraft at all. I also live by a military base they do daily CG trainings I was getting them a week ago but now nothing. As well all I am reciving is an aircraft and it is saying ICAO 0000. Anyone mind helping out?

Guess it depends if antenna you are using has SMA connector of MCX connector.

The Flightaware USB dongle is SMA connector, while other brands of dongles (and their associated antennas) might be SMA or could be MCX.

If there are any adapters involved, ensure that they are “SMA” rather than “SMA-RP”

Best to verify what you are trying to connect This is the antenna I am using.

I’m not sure if this means anything.

You have plugged in 2 SDRs?

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only following part of above long link was enough :slight_smile:


No I have not it does that on two of my PC’s

As you mentioned PC’s, it seems this happene on Windows Computer.

Windows is notorious and replaces Zadig or other user installed driver (such as AirNav Radarbox supplied driver) by it’s native driver whenever there is a Windows update. One has to reinstall Zadig or AirNav supplied driver after each update of Windows.

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