What should i do for this ? no one data from plane...sorry im newbie at adsb



maybe you need antenna to receive signals?, place your antena on clear line sight to the sky (best on rooftop)?


As you’re seeing literally no messages, you probably have a connection problem somewhere between the dongle and your antenna. (Or, possibly, there are no planes in range - but that is relatively unlikely)


Check to make sure that the central pin is in place for the connection to the flightaware stick. If this is missing then no data will be received. I had the same problem, got a new SMA connector fitted and hey presto - lots of data.


Where are you located? Is the map centered randomly or are you near Christmas island? If so, you’ll probably need to wait for an aircraft.

PLace antenna at high altitude if possible

On a forum dealing with aircraft, the term “high altitude” may be considered excessive.


Instructions unclear, purchased six-mile antenna mast.


Russians tied their antenna to a baloon to gain height.



i live in indonesia at java island


Ok, from there you should see lots of high altitude as well as plenty of inter-island flights to receive.
I’d be assuming the problem is upstream of the receiver (feeder and/or antenna).
Do you by any chance have an ‘M to F’ SMA pair in your feed?

Instructions unclear, purchased six-mile antenna mast.

I admire your dedication!
Recommend mounting receiver at mast head rather than running coax to the ground.


Antene kurang duwur kui, Jowone ngendi ?