ADS-B Antenna Installation



I have limited space to install so many antenna mast on top of the roof.

Can I have 1 mast with 2 to 3 Antennae installed like this?

Will it affect for the reception? Please advise.



Hi this is my set up i got 4 adsb antennas dont have any problems and a commercial airband dipole and an icom discone.

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Hi linofalzon,

Thanks for sharing the info to me. I saw your antennas are separated at least 1ft to each other. But mine is just less than 4-6 inches. So, I also don’t know will it works or not.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing with me your installation which works without any issue.



It shouldnt matter…

Regards Lino…


Hi linofalzon,

Thanks for the info.



I think the rule of thumb is to have the antennas something like half the wavelength of the signal apart or more to not have coupling. I personally haven’t see any coupling effect with ADSB antennas just a few inches from each other. A foot apart is more than enough.

The real problem is not receiving antennas but transmitting antennas. The FlightAware’s external ADSB filter seems to work well with 200W ham radio transmitting antennas on the same tower. Cellphone antennas a few hundred feet away seem to cause problems.

The new wifi routers almost look like porcupines with the number of antennas they have. I think 4-6 antennas is almost standard now. Wifi antennas don’t seem to have any problems just a few inches from each other but I think this is due to their power output of 5mW or something around there.


Attached is a photo of the setup I have at KHBI. Left to right: UAT-978mhz, S-ES-1090mhz, CTAF 122.8mhz, Not used(we don’t know what the Yagi antenna did).


Hi david.baker,

Thanks for the reply. I will try to install the antennae with just few inches apart and see any reception problems or not.

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Hi N456TS,

Nice pic for your ADS-B Antennae Installation. Yeah, I will try to install my antennae just few inches and see any reception issue or not.