Address to be given in virtual radar server


I am trying to connect the orange with virtual radar server,now it’s showing receiver is connected ,data is flowing but no aircraft detected whether my skyview page is doing excellent showing aircrafts. I have given the port number 30005,format as AVR or beast raw feed,but address…should I give it what is shown in my orange’s screen as gateway address or something else like IPv4 address of my router??


the ip-adress (ip4) that your orange that runs dump1090 in your network has


That means the gateway ip shown in orange screen…ok


No, the IP address of the orange itself, not the gateway IP.


“Total Messages: 0” means that data is not flowing.

You should use the same IP address that you use when viewing the Skyview page on in your browser. This is also shown on the “Network” tab (as “address”) on the Orange touchscreen.


The IP address for the Pi/receiver is the local network Pi address. should be a 192.168.x.x type deal.

Also, make sure to make a new location for that receiver!

I ve spent some time setting up a Virtual radar site, if you have any question or need sources for database or files let me know!

also, my VS site.


If you have an Android or Apple phone/tablet, install free of cost app “Fing”

It will show IP of your orange when connected to Wifi on same network as the Orange.


Now it’s working perfectly :horse_racing: …thank you all :airplane::airplane::airplane:


silhouettes,flags,registration number and many other parameters aren’t coming,what to do for them??


You will need the files on the machine running the server. Database.sqb is the biggest item to have which is what gives you all the information. Although it is never complete. Virtual radar has plugins to allow online lookups to update it as well as manual updating. If you give me 24 hrs I can get you my collection to use that has everything you will need. You can find it all online but it’s all in different places.


Sure,I’ll be highly obliged…thank you