Adding a 2nd Flight Aware stick to an existing Piaware 3.1

I need a guide for adding another flight aware USB dongle to an existing piaware 3.1 setup. My current setup is working, but I would like to add another USB flight aware pro stick plus and antenna to get around HOA restrictions and signal blocking obstacles around my House. I can currently see the other USB flight aware stick with the lsusb command. I can also get data from the new flight aware usb stick when I run the following command dump1090fa --device-index 1, device 0 is the current flight aware usb stick. I get need help getting the 2 flight aware USB sticks to work in the same setup

Thanks advance for any help.

This is not easy with 3.1. It will become a little easier with 3.3 which should be released soon but I’d still recommend a separate pi for the second feed unless you are comfortable with wiring with Linux.