Accessing Full Function of iPhone Application


After I login, I see a screen that offers four choices… track by flight #, track by tail #, search by flight route and view airport activity. Only track by flight # is highlighted (able to be selected). The other three choices are grayed out and not selectable. How do I make all four choices selectable?


what happens if you put the tail number into the flight number field using the full tail number N1234A?


Quick seach only allows you to track airline flights; for the rest of the features you need to log in.


It sounds like he is cogged in.


i can confirm this bug on v2.6 on an ipod touch ios 4.1.
after the initial install (and logging in), all four options are indeed available.
but subsequent use after the inital install was closed, show only one option available (ungrayed), ‘track filight’.
results are the same when re-installing the app.

when this is eventually fixed, can there be an option to remember user/password ?

other than that…great app.