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AC8215 GetFlightID and FlightInfoEx return no data

input: AC8215 2020-01-19
api: AirlineFlightSchedules
output: departuretime:1579452900 ident:ACA8215 actual_ident:AC28215

when i use output above to api GetFlightID or FlightInfoEx ,i can’t get any data.
when use other aircompany’s flightno.It works.
Please try it,if you can get data,please tell me if my departuretime or ident was wrong and
what’s the true data should be.

Thank you.

The actual flight appears to be Air Canada Jazz JZA8215. It looks like the value AC2 is being provided in schedule data as a generic placeholder for Air Canada regional flights, like Jazz. However, this is also an invalid airline code so lookup and codeshare detection doesn’t work properly.

We’re investigating on our end how the schedule data quality for Air Canada regional flights can be improved.