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About the problem I have for two days now after the recent piaware 3.10.2 update

this update has been automatically installed to my flightfeeder orange and after it has been there I have drastically reduced my receiving range have anyone else encountered this problem??? I will upload some screenshots of this problem… you can see the frequent flight ALK604 and ALK605 is getting very bad reception before I can track it up until 270KM but I today only managed 135KM the situation is very bad… I know I haven’t done any alterations to the flight feeder or the setup!!! can anyone make sense of this and tell me what to do!!!

Your best bet is to send an email to the team at Flightaware who provide technical support for their FlightFeeder equipment. support@flightaware.com

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I already did but thay say it has to be my systems fault but i cud see the same problem across my countries other flight feeders which have this new update… I am quite familiar with the reception mine and The Other receivers capacity throughout sometime… and it’s only happening with feeders with this update… that’s why I posted this to say that this is a common problem or not!!!

Much more likely to be a bad power supply or dongle.
Or a loose connection, water ingress into the antenna cable.

The same software is running on countless devices, if there was a problem with it they would see the numbers down across their whole network.

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that’s what I say from The Other accounts in my area!!! the are all down from average numbers… I have checked all of those things and this started after the rain stopped and it was Sunny for 2 days when this started it was raining for 2 months or so continuously but this did not happened at that time!!! other accounts in my area who had this update is suffering from the same problem I have!!! that’s why it made me suspicious!!!

Honestly that looks like perfectly normal seasonal fluctuations, or fluctuations due to airline changes.

This FlightFeeder was upgraded on 23 October; if you’re seeing changes in the last couple of days only (i.e. around the start of November), then that’s not the upgrade doing it. Gradual hardware problems or schedule changes are the more likely cause.

no sir in fact we are in monsoon season these days… even with that kind of bad weather I had very good Reception earlier…

my flight feeder and prostik is brand new the system is only up for about three months now!!! I received my firmware update on 31st of last month!!! and I do not know about any scheduling!!! please tell me about what is scheduling!!!

It means that it’s possible that there are fewer aircraft actually flying because of changes to the flight schedules - as we are approaching winter, there tend to be fewer flights as there’s less tourism over the winter period.

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no sir that shouldn’t be a problem for on air aircraft that have reduced range!!! I have an average of 120 plus Aircraft for past month you can see into my profile and look into that there is a notable reduction in range and positions Since about 4 days now you can look into those data… is have never happened before since I got this flightfeeder!!!

Did you happen to change the display in your local map from KM to miles?

Yes on some screenshots it’s in miles and on some screenshots it’s in kilometres sometimes I have to change that to positively not is the flight level of these aircrafts… please do not mind that… if you are used to miles you can definitely convert the values on the screenshots…

It was upgraded on the 23rd according to both the records on the server side, and on the FlightFeeder itself.

2019-10-23 22:18:55Z Starting upgrade from FF software version: 7.9.2
2019-10-23 22:21:28Z Completed upgrade to FF software version: 7.10.2

then why is this problem is happening??? even now the reception isn’t up to par before!!! I had 275 to eaven sometimes 400+ kilometres of range received!!! I am really sure that my system is not altered in anyway I have checked that already!!! I don’t have a clue what’s going on with this feeder or other feeders around me!!!

Could be stronger interference from a new mobile communications tower.
Who knows, it’s hard to tell.

Do you even know the aicraft from which you got the biggest range before?
They could be taking another route or something like that.
Air Traffic is much less even than you might think.


in fact I know because the airplanes I track is mostly daily flights that pass through my abeam location!!! I know which aircrafts has the most range and with that I am comparing!!! and also I do not have any new cell communication Towers in my ajacent area!!! and I am using a prostick Plus so it has a dedicated filter that eliminates that interference mostly!!!

say I do not know what you did but after you looked into my flight feeder my reception has improved slightly!!! if you can please modify the script to get the most gain out of my flight feeder!!! because this is one of one of nine flight feeders that my country has and mine is one of the best receivers of them all!!! so if you can Alter The Script to get the most gain that will be helpful for me thanks!!!

Obj: just a thought; Site host indicates that it is monsoon season in their country. Perhaps their decrease in sensitivity/range might be attributable to rain attenuation of 1090Mhz signal OR rain seepage into antenna or into the coax via a non-protected connector.

I made no changes to the FlightFeeder. You’re seeing either normal variation in traffic or an intermittent hardware problem, as I said earlier. Please talk to adsbsupport@flightaware.com who can help you with this directly.