aborted landings.

Does the FAA keep stats on aborted landing attempts?
Are pilots required to file incedent reports on aborted landing attempts?

Pilots don’t keep track of them because they aren’t incidents.

FAA would keep track of ones that were were requested by ATC (due to traffic on runway, inadequate seperation, etc.)

But wouldn’t the airline want to know about a go around? Every go around I have heard on the radio the controller has asked the reason why and I assume he is making a note of it. Just saw a Fedex A300 go around on his own at MSY a couple weeks ago and the controller wanted to know why (think pilot said he was just too high). Since there is additional cost to them and it could be pilot error, I would think the airline would require them to be reported for investigation.

The dispatcher would keep track of it, not the pilot.

Go around investigation:

Chief Pilot: So, I hear you had to do a go around yesterday.

groveling pilot on carpet: Yes Sir.

CP: why?

gpoc: The previous ATC sector had to keep us high due to crossing traffic. I thought we could still get down, but I was never able to get within accepted company guidelines.


End of investigation.