AAL916 July 21 MIA to DC


I was tracking flight #916 (American Airlines) from Miami International Airport to Reagan National (DC) yesterday. It was suppossed to arrive at 10:59pm. The flight was fine until 15 minutes before landing when it stopped refreshing and said “Arriving shortly” but nothing else. Then when I refreshed a line came out showing the airline leaving Miami flying east towards the Bahamas. Now when I check today it says RESULT UNKNOWN. What is going on?


Most likely a wormhole generated by the Bermuda Triangle.

(Track looks normal to me, probably just a glitch: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL916/history/20140722/0030Z/KMIA/KDCA)


Thank God! I am terrified of flying and these summer storms make it worse. Tomorrow I have to fly Miami to DC for work and I am SO SO SCARED! So I have been tracking other flights with similar paths so that I can see that they arrive and I will arrive fine as well. I almost had a heart attack when I saw results unknown lol


If you want terrified, just think about driving there via I-95!
You are in greater danger driving to the airport than the flight.
You might get some bumps at the end, but the folks up front will probably drive around them.
Check the weather report:


You’re right about I-95…I drive I-95 to work and it can be terrifying! Thanks for the words of encouragement. Just checked the weather for tomorrow and since I fly at 7am the weather seems ok both in Miami and DC for that time. It looks like DC will get rain after 11am tomorrow so I should be ok. Now I just have to pray, pray, pray for no turbulence!