AA5066 not being returned by FlightInfoEx


Flight AA5066 (which i think is a codeshare operated by CHQ) isn’t being recognised by FlightInfoEx.

Should codeshares work with the Flight XML API? I notice that if I enter AA5066 on your tracker it correctly returns the flight for viewing.


Any information on this issue?


Try running the query for AAL5066 instead of AA5066 does that help?

I think you have to use the ICAO code and not the IATA code for the airline


Sadly that doesn’t help either - was the first thing I tried! How should a codeshare be handled?


FlightXML does not currently do automatic translation of most codeshares, but this is something we’re looking into providing in the near future. Watch this forum in the coming weeks for an announcement.


Check out the announcement of our support for codeshares: