A Waste of Time!

Just wasted the past 1/2 hour watching J’s friend flying his Spitfire over our house.

What a sound!

I still prefer the sound of a Mustang… :smiling_imp:

Remember that other thread where you wrote that you feared for your sanity? Let me lay your fears to rest.

You’re crazy if you think I’m gonna’ rise to that bait!

I had the same experience with an A-6 today. He did a missed approach followed by a low 360 then departed for NAS Whidbey. I’ve never seen that before. They sure are slow and loud.

Enjoying such a sweet historical cadence of machinery is never a waste of time. :wink:

I can’t believe I can’t find one of the pics I’ve got of his new toys.


One day way back when when I was working at KHND, Sentimental Journey was in town and did a circuit around the Las Vegas valley and there was nothing more beautiful and but goosebumps on me to hear those 4 radials strumming by on a Sunday morning above the airfield…

Fast forward a year from that and I’m shooting a parallel approach at KIWA with Sentimental Journey off my right side. Wrote that one in my logbook… :smiley:

Anyone who can afford to fly a Spitfire for half an hour is a friend of mine.

Frank Holbert