A funny


I’m sure everyone has heard of “The walk of shame”…would this be the taxi of shame?

airliners.net/photo/Philippi … 1366228/L/


“There is no photo in our database with that ID number.”


I have no problem accessing the picture. Try the medium size version of the picture to see if you can access it: airliners.net/photo/Philippi … 1366228/M/


This particular photo worked for me, but it seems like airliners.net has been having some trouble lately. Must be doing site maintenance or something.


The link worked this time, very strange as I’m a FirstClass member on airliners.net, maybe due to traffic?

(Your link worked as well Dave.)

Still missing the humor, but that’s normal.


I not getting it either James… But I rode the ‘short bus’ as a child… :open_mouth:


I got that quite a few times when I was stacking up my browser with tons of tabs with pics. Refreshing once or twice did the trick. :slight_smile: