747-8 Test flights

I try to follow the 747-8F test flights with callsigns BOE501, 521 and 522.

During testing from KPAE,KBFI and KMWH almost all flights were normally tracked, except for the touch and go’s, that are difficult to track (why ?)

The flight from KPMD today with the call sign BOE521, however states destination “shots” and wrong aircraft type 747 i.s.o. 748, and the flight suddenly ended above the sea after 20 minutes.

What happened ?

If it ended below the sea that would be news!

Logged N5017Q flying in Southern California Saturday May 15th

Found a photo of N5017Q on Airliners.net.
airliners.net/search/photo.s … 36136/1421
boeing-test-flights.blogspot.com … lines.html

Logged N50217 in Southern California on the May 9th.
airliners.net/search/photo.s … 36137/1422
boeing-test-flights.blogspot.com … cargo.html

Destination "SHOTS"was does it mean ?

Just a “shot” in the dark here, but any chance it is:

Information on fix SHOTS
Identifier: SHOTS
Location: 33-05-21.650N 118-23-44.390W
Navaid radial/DME: NUCr053.00/10
Fix use: Military reporting point
Published: yes
Nearest city: Avalon (Los Angeles county), CA, USA

Nearest landing site: KNUC - San Clemente Island NALF (10.5 nm away)


It means that the aircraft filed a flight plan to a fix named SHOTS. From there the aircraft will probably be going VFR for a while then return on another flight plan originating at SHOTS or another fix.

Thanks for both replies. Couldn’t find "SHOTS"on the internet.

You can check the FAA’s Location Identifiers publication. It is available in PDF for downloading or

(http://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/publications/atpubs/LID/LIDHME.htm) for online reading.

Section 6P gives the locations of the 5 letter fixes.

BOE521 (second test 747-8 ) was stationed in KPMD. Last recorded flight ending in KPMD at May 18th.
On May 27th suddenly BOE521 has been tracked from KVCV to KVCV.
What happened ?

Also on May 27th and 28th BOE522 (third 747-8 ) was/is scheduled to depart from KVCV, while also being stationed in KPMD. Last flight ending in KPMD at May 26th

Very misleading info ???

Maybe Boeing don’t want you to know where they are at all times, so they use another flight number to move them. Misleading??? :unamused: