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737 MAX Still Flying

Noticed that 737 Max’s are still flying in Europe - Thompson and TUI airlines - on
Apr 26 and 27. Thought all were grounded. Any explanation?

There are a a few threads about this, eg

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They will be moving them around, I’m pretty sure they won’t be carrying any passengers at the moment.

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My best guess is that it’s a mistake in type code from planned to actual. Flights are all once or twice per week from tourist locations to major European cities. Only one that is likely legit is a Boeing test flight.

All the TUI 737MAX aircraft are parked up and have been for some time at MAN airport (TUMA-D and G] while TUMF is parked up at TFS.

All the European carriers aircraft are parked up at various places around Europe.

If you noticed them still flying did you also notice their tail number or ICAO code?

You could then easily check if it was indeed a MAX


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I noticed this past weekend (Labor day Holiday) Delta and Amercian are still flying the 737-800 (738) and 737-900 (739) in and out of Hartsfield Atlanta International. Apparently not all 8 & 9’s are grounded.

They are grounded from carrying passengers, They can be re-positioned for maintenance, There have been numerous posts about this,

I read they were moved to Arizona to escape the incoming hurricane.


Many airlines are moving them to Az simply because available storage space at airports is a premium now. Looks like Boeing is a great sale person for Airbus.


The 737-800 and -900 aren’t the same as the 737 MAX 8 and 9.

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@glennblum to be fair, Airbus had a similar issue with QF72 a few years ago.

I like both Airbus and Boeing. I have flown the 747 from Sydney to the US a few dozen times since I moved to NYC. I finally got to ride on the A380 with my wife and kids a few years ago. I am sad that they are phasing them out. I am looking forward to direct JFK-SYD flights as that should shave quite a few hours off of the time. My 22-24 hour flight will be less than 20 hours and I won’t need to get off and on again in LAX (each way).


Good point. I missed that when replying. It’s the 737 MAX that was being moved to Arizona over the weekend to escape the hurricane. As @glennblum said, others may already be there, or will be going there soon, for ‘parking’ cost reasons.

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Isn’t is strange how things get hushed up.

The Miracle on the Hudson incident involving an A320, I believe Airbus data suggested one engine was still powered after the bird strike. The Captain’s statement that both engines had failed was being disputed. When the engine was recovered it seems Airbus data incorrect.

Think a good few years back a Rolls Royce engine exploded on a Quantas flight, settlement was made and nothing further heard. Money changed hands and all hushed up.

Wonder how much we don’t know.


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A lot!

What about painting over the name of the airline after an accident? I ‘liked’ the ‘official’ reason given when the question was asked: Once it crashed, the aircraft does not belong to the airline anymore.

It may be ‘technically’ correct, but what a plane load of trash!:wink:


One of AA returning to Tulsa from Roswell on Oct 5th. We have about 10 here. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL9653/history/20191005/1800Z/KROW/KTUL

Boeing engineers have finally figure out the problem.