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737 MAX Still Flying

Noticed that 737 Max’s are still flying in Europe - Thompson and TUI airlines - on
Apr 26 and 27. Thought all were grounded. Any explanation?

There are a a few threads about this, eg

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They will be moving them around, I’m pretty sure they won’t be carrying any passengers at the moment.

My best guess is that it’s a mistake in type code from planned to actual. Flights are all once or twice per week from tourist locations to major European cities. Only one that is likely legit is a Boeing test flight.

All the TUI 737MAX aircraft are parked up and have been for some time at MAN airport (TUMA-D and G] while TUMF is parked up at TFS.

All the European carriers aircraft are parked up at various places around Europe.

If you noticed them still flying did you also notice their tail number or ICAO code?

You could then easily check if it was indeed a MAX


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