6 year old boy floats away in a ballooon

cnn.com/2009/US/10/15/colora … index.html

“Officials are trying to rescue a 6-year-old boy who climbed into a balloon-like experimental aircraft built by his parents and floated into the sky over eastern Colorado.”

It’s live on CNN right now. It’s a saucer shaped Mylar helium balloon and can apparently it can reach a height of 10,000 ft.

I just saw a Blackhawk arrive on scene. Scary for the boy and his family. :open_mouth:

It’s down, according to MSNBC (via NPR), somewhere between Ft. Collins and Greeley, CO. Apparently, the child is NOT in the balloon. Traffic at D10 has been rerouted around to accommodate the search area.


So it is safe to assume the child is not accounted for at home? If thats the case, did he fall out? I cant imagine if he did, no one noticed it considering all eyes were on this. :open_mouth:


This family has a pattern of poor decision making.

isnt it obv he fell out?

- YouTube)

It may be “obvious”…however I would like to think that it only “appeared” he actually climbed on board. Hence the question…is he confirmed missing. And possibly not hiding because he realizes he just really screwed up, and is terrified. Just a thought.

For those not wanting to follow the video coverage elsewhere, NPR has a decent page set up that is following everything, including links to all of the video being put up by CNN, MSNBC, and local stations KUSA and News9. You’ll find a lot of good stuff there.

There might also be something (very little though) on the KDEN LiveATC feed.

There are so many conclusions/theories being posted all over, so I’d suggest reserving judgment and just read what comes in until all the facts are in…


I guess he wanted to go back to China…

There are times when it is okay to have a tacky/tasteless joke and times when it is not cool.

For this, especially when a child’s life is at stake here, let alone the sanity of the parents and their family, it is not cool. Let’s just hope that he turns up and turns up fine, instead of making some crass joke about where they may be from.

Besides, Falcon is a very cool name for a boy.

EDIT: Have at it, everyone: Larimer County Sheriff Feed


:unamused: :unamused: … I understand tyk.

CNN is reporting that Falcon is alive and at home.

Wow, unbelievable story and glad he is OK.

Guess he was never in the balloon at all.

Great ending!

MSNBC reporting the same.

That is good. I guess the balloon went down and he got out safely? :smiley:

“Officials in Colorado say a 6-year-old boy believed to have floated off in a helium balloon was found safe hiding in the family’s attic Thursday. An all-out search had been going on after the balloon was recovered without the boy inside.”

cbs11tv.com/national/boy.hotair. … 50636.html

I was going to start collecting weird bits about them to quote… but there’s too much… whole article is full of their weirdness…

when you own 6 year old son is willing to risk life and limb to get away from you, you might be doing something wrong as a parent.

i doubt he would let the balloon go with out being in it. i would do anything to take a balloon ride as a 6 year old. if he jumped out i think it would be because he got cold.

I think a 6 year old would know not to jump out of a balloon. How far away from their home was the balloon?