3 Chartered Delta Heavies for the Titans???


Are all three of these DL 9xxx flights from BNA-JAX all for the Titans game tommorow or what???


If you read my thread on the “Heavy jet cutoff” you wouldn’t have said “delta heavies.” B752s are not heavies. B763s are.


I believe all the 757s are an exception to the “heavy” weight rules due to their wake turbulence.


Are you trying to say that all 757’s are considered heavy? Because they aren’t.


See faa.gov/Atpubs/ATC/Chp5/atc0505.html

For all intents and purposes, it’s treated as a heavy, and I’ve heard them called heavy more times that I can count.


I’ve heard them called heavy myself, but they seem to be in this area between heavy and medium, where they sporadically get the heavy label.


Regardless of the label, they definitely are treated as a heavy consistently and regardless of anything else.