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I got my 978 receiver up and running on Not a ton of traffic around this part that I see yet, but it has only been running for less than a day. Hopefully that will change.

I am doing 978 only on this receiver. Is there any way to change the “Go to Map” link to point to 978 instead of 1090 on the main IP status page?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Is there a way to change the gain settings of the 978 UAT dongle side? I think that my Dongle is being saturated by interference and by the documentation the gain is set to max.

For Piaware SD card image:

sudo piaware-config uat-sdr-gain xx
sudo systemctl restart piaware
sudo reboot

(Replace xx by the gain value you want to set)

To check if gain has actually changed or to check what is current gain setting:

piaware-config --show uat-sdr-gain

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Currently no, fixing this (and the link from the stats page) is on the to-do list.

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Range rings on UAT display in Skyview?
(Found)Piaware SD card image Quickstart Guide

Change range ring distance?

(think these were answered already can’t find them now…)

edit /usr/share/skyview978/html/config.js


After I changed my settings to 27 I now get decent traffic plus aircraft and positions. Sometimes we overlook our settings and go for max. I found that I had noise problems at max gain. I found that our using SDR Console and showing the spectrum display.

Today morning I changed uat-sdr-gain from 49 to 42, and checked after few hours, still lot of garbage.

Then I changed uat-sdr-gain to 38, deleted log file (/usr/share/skyvew978/html/uat978.json), and rebooted Pi. Will check log in the evening.

Next step is to add an external filter to Orange ProStick which is used by dump978. As I dont have a spare filter, I will remove filter from Radarbox FlighStick (1090 Mhz) and add to Flightaware ProStick (978 Mhz). In any case the Radarbox FlightStick has an integral SAW filter, so removing external filter will not make a big difference.

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Interesting. I have the FA blue filter I bought last year. Is the band width wide enough for 978?

How do I clear the /uat978.json from putty?

Yes, sufficently wide to cover 978. Now Flightaware are marketting same one but label slightly changed. Before it said “1090 Mhz”, now it says “978/1090 Mhz”.

Depend what method you used to create it.

  • If you used this method (clik here), then use this command:
    sudo rm /usr/share/skyview978/html/uat978.json

  • If you used this method (click here) then it is on your Windows/Mac computer. Delete it from there.

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Note that the file will not be recreated without you restarting the process writing to it.
So best to reboot after deleting it, or however you have the write to the file set up.

I also thought it wont be recreated without reboot.

However today I did not reboot after deleting, and checked immediately after deleting, the file was not there as expected. Then I waited for 30 seconds, and checked again, found it was recerated.

I think sleep 5 did the restart and recreation.

No a reboot is not needed, but the socat being redirected into that file might need to be restarted.
If you have it in rc.local which is … unfortunate … a reboot may be required.

Maybe it at some point detects the file being deleted and exits so the next iteration of the loop picks up writing to a new file.

Just a heads up that recreation of the file is in no way guaranteed.

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I tried this and unable to edit, access denied.

sudo nano /usr/share/skyview978/html/config.js

or sudo vi /usr/share/skyview978/html/config.js

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Thanks for the help. I am still a noob to Linux. BTW, have you read that file? there are areas to edit for bing maps too. There is a area to enter a Bing maps key.

I have one(Bing Maps key) installed on my devices. I like the look better than open maps.

You can turn on detailed ADS-B information too (at the end of the file). It is still in development but gives a lot of details.

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It says bing maps=null. DO you change this?

BingMapsAPIKey = “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvqxyz”;

Also look at the other map and weather overlays.
// Set to true to enable the ChartBundle base layers (US coverage only)
ChartBundleLayers = true;

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