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3.6.3 versus 3.6.3~bpo8+1


can anyone advise the difference between these two versions of piaware (3.6.3 and 3.6.3~bpo8+1). i have two sites. both sites being fed from the same antenna then into a minicircuits splitter. each output of the splitter is fed to an rtlsdr V3 and then into it’s own RPI. i have switched splitter outputs and switched dongles but RPI #1 consistently shows approximately 10% more messages/sec.
when i look at piaware-config -show RPI#1 shows 3.6.3~bpo8+1 whereas RPI #2 just shows 3.6.3
any comments?


They are the same code, built for stretch and jessie respectively.

If you’re seeing reception differences, I suggest you look at the version of dump1090


thanks obj, i just did the upgrade and restart dump1090 on both sites…