2 killed in plane crash at Summerville, SC Airport (KDYB)


Not much other information given at this time. From what I understand, this accident only happened about 2 hours ago.

postandcourier.com/news/2009 … rg-2-dead/


Not good. Hopefully more info soon. :frowning:


JEDBURG, S.C. (AP) – A small plane has crashed near the South Carolina coast.

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the twin-engine Piper PA-23 crashed shortly after departure around 6:45 a.m. Wednesday near the Summerville airport at Jedburg. Bergen says local authorities said two people were killed.

Aircraft was headed to Florida.


Now they’re reporting on local news that 3 people were killed (and possibly a 4th) in that crash. The plane was reportedly headed to Fla to pick up another individual and then on to the bahamas. Another sad aviation story in the lowcountry…


Good thing the 3rd person was not in the plane yet. :unamused:


Now it’s 4 people that have perished in the crash. This morning on the radio, it was a single engined piper with 2 people. Give it another hour and it’ll be a king air with 8-10 people at the rate this story is going.

EDIT: tail number N62635


:frowning: Damn that sucks. Surely it wasnt a wieght and balance issue on an az-truc or apache? Crashed only 50 yards from the rwy. Interesting to find out what happened.


Flew out of DYB this morning around 11:30. I was surprised the airport wasn’t closed, given all the emergency/investigative traffic on the field. It was a very depressing scene. I’ve never been to a crash site before and didn’t know I was going to see one this morning. I didn’t see the plane, thank God. I wouldn’t have wanted to see it. Lots of news crews, some officials with the FAA (I think), and various onlookers. It was a sad place to be, and it wasn’t easy climbing into the cockpit with that scene on the mind. It was a beautiful day, little or no wind, not a cloud in the sky, warm temperatures. The runway is in perfect shape. The plane took off on RWY 24 and crashed to the left of the airport in the trees. I can’t imagine the cause could be anything other than total power loss shortly after rotation but don’t have any facts on that. It’s one thing to read about these things, another to be there. My heart goes out to the families and those lost this morning. Be safe out there folks.


The 4 gentlemen were amateur radio operators that were headed to the Bahamas for the annual CQWW SSB contest. Their FCC issued calls were W2GJ, K3IXD, K4QO and W3PP. More information on the crash can be found here: bit.ly/1dcJ74

Best 73 to these guys who are now SK.


I don’t get it?

“emergency workers are bringing in rocks so that they can reach the crash site.”


The “rocks” probably means gravel so that mobile cranes and other recovery equipment can get into the woods a little bit. I expect that the soil is very soft there.


probably trying to establish secure footing to climb up and down the site due to loose vegetation. Extrication tools get heavy quick when your in that kind of environment.

Source: Personal experience.


Use a chopper. That’s how they do it in CA.


I live here in Charleston - about 20 miles from where this happened and am also an engineer with a local construction company by trade. It’s not rocky elevations and securing footing so much as it is the swampy environment. Summerville is still only about 25 miles from the ocean, and most the lowcountry is covered with marsh. And they probably would get it out with a helo - (I posted an article a while back about a C310 crash that happened in the marsh down here, and they chopped it up?? and choppered it out), but it’s probably more work to knock down enough trees to get a helicopter in than it is to lay down some matting and bring in some heavy equipment. Very sad for all - like I said earlier, we’ve already had an F-16 crash and an AF pilot killed off our coast last Thursday. It’s been a sad week for aviation in our area.


FAA found in the hangar were this aircraft was kept, detailed information between the four persons on board, detailing the weights of all their ham radio equipment they planned on carrying to Bahamas with them.

They had agreed the aircraft was overweight and decided on what items were to be left behind. It was noted the aircraft took off in the early morning before sunrise, and the runway lighting was not turned on.

A witness who watched the take-off roll, lost sight behind trees, however he said by the time the aircraft reached the end of the runway, he could here a change in the engine pitch - which he described at full power - thought the aircraft failed to climb.


Thanks for the update Rob - very sad indeed. No life is more valuable than radio equipment - that stuff can all be replaced. In the days after that accident, I found out that the owner of my company and his sons were good friends with a passenger that was in that aircraft. Thanks again Rob -



It was a Piper PA-23-250 Aztec

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