1992 video of United B727 landing at Meigs Field . . .


Here is a collection of news stories from 1992 of United B727 landing at Meigs Field to be delivered to Museum of Science and Industry.

YouTube Video


That first reporter is Jim Tilmon, a pretty well known pilot, AA 727 driver and Chicago TV personality.



I came across this video several months ago. I would’ve loved to have seen that in person! While the landing of a 727 at CGX is amazing, I love this video because it shows (if only for a moment) the Great Lakes (UAX) BE1, and Resort Air (TWE) SWM sitting on the ramp. I worked these flights for Great Lakes back then. Brings back good memories of those times, and one of my favorite slain airports.


Do you recall the Kelloggs Falcon 10 that went off runway 18. I used to work at Innotech Aviation in Toronto and Kellogg’s Falcon 20 N243K and Falcon 10 N253K were regular visitors.

Falcon 10 N253K; The crew took off with the parking break on, in late January!, and ended up 300 feet off the end of the runway. The aircraft broke thru the ice and sank. The co-pilot died on impact, the pilot swam thru a hole in the nose. One passenger drowned, the pilot and 3 passengers were rescued.

Here is the full report;