1981 Merlin IIIB Question


Were looking to purchase a 1981 Merlin IIIB. Do these aircraft require
a type rating, single pilot ? what is the max takeoff weight of these aircraft? Our normal route will be 1000 nm.


seshair.com/aircraftperforma … mance.html

This puts the Merlin right at 12,500 lbs, so I would think you would need a type rating.


No type rating required. Over 12,500 requires type. Which means you can fly it single pilot.

Very rugged airplane. Fast (290 -300 kts) and efficient. Long legs (1900 nm) which means you have lots of flexibility when juggling pax and fuel. Not the most common type, and out of production for a while, so be sure you have a truly qualified shop lined up. I’ve heard that M7 Aerospace, the type certificate holder, is doing a good job supporting the type.

The other aircraft that is always compared with the Merlin is the Kingair 200. Older 200s are slower than the IIIB by about 20 kts, while newer 200s pretty much match the Merlin. However, 20 kts isn’t really gonna make a bit of difference in the real world. Range is about 1700nm, again not a huge deal for most folks.

Either way, if you find a good, clean airframe and have good service, you should be a happy camper. Good luck.


The Merlin IIIC requires a type rating, the IIIB does not!


If there is an a at the end of the serial number a IIIC is restricted to 12500 from the 13300.