Currently owner/pilot of a baron, was maybe looking to get into a turboprop and was wondering about the merlin, they seem to be fast and have good range and are for the most part reasonable in price. Figured there must be a catch, I know they aren’t the prettiest birds but sexy is not what I’m looking for. Any experience/opinions out there, or scut on M7 which now supports them.

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Beyond the fact that there are some here who refer to the Merlin as the “San Antonio Sewer Pipe”, Business & Commercial Aviation recently did a synopsis of them. You might want to see if Google can pull up a copy for you.

The M7 Merlin is a completely different aircraft from the original, underpowered Merlin and a lot closer to what Mr. Swearingen envisaged.

Not to be contrary, but I’ve always considered the Merlin to be a particularly handsome bird.

I spent alot of time getting slopped around in the Metro and I always liked them. Same cabin dimensions, etc… I have a friend who owned a Merlin for a long time and considered it a great value compared to King Air, etc…

Thanks for the info and the welcome, I guess it’s not that they are “ugly” maybe just starting to look dated esp around the tail section.

The Merlin/Metro are fast, well built, and carry a good load. That being said, they are an older, out of production aircraft, and that is always an issue. The folks at M7 seem to be very serious about supporting the fleet, so maybe things will be better than for other types. The Metro/Merlin are used extensively by freight companies in Canada, operating to some pretty rough areas, so you can rest assured that they’re a tough bird. Do lots of research and talk to as many people as you can. Maybe a Kingair would be a better choice, maybe not. Run, RUN from a Cheyene if you see it!!! Good Luck

The price is low for a reason. It will not save you money.

Parts and maintenance issues will more than overcome the capital savings and you may NEVER be able to resell it.

These are good planes for people who fly rarely, or for third world government use where less safety is required. (not that the plane is unsafe, but being able to use non standard maintenance would be a plus).

Thanks for alll the input.