19.5cm vs 66cm 1090 Antenna

You do know that a crimp connector isn’t waterproof?


See the jetvision page for the antenna and the answer to your question. I had a discussion with the owner about it. No need to tape the connector.
But i thought already about the lower end of the connector.

As the antenna is not yet on it’s final position, i will verify it again.

How could this possibly be waterproof?
No gasket, no seals.


This is a waterproof N-Trpe


I have the lower part of the connector taped now.

I received a better dongle about a week ago (it’s AirNav, but that probably doesn’t make much difference) and just replacing my old DVB-T dongle with that and using the little antenna my range shot up to 215NM and what’s more is I got a lot more range to the sides and even a pretty decent range directly behind the building (running my RPi on balcony, so only can get 180 degree FOV anyway). Really happy with those results.

Anyhow I ordered an ADS-B antenna from a local supplier (https://www.lazada.co.th/products/i421786006-s804568982.html) because I’m really not keen on waiting for another couple months for that to ship in from the US right now, but I’m having really bad results. Barely having range over 50NM and message rate plummets as well. I am getting massive amount of single message tracks though, does that mean something? Now I get that it might just be a bad antenna, but what should I try to do to fix it, if that’s even possible?

Sorry for dumb questions, completely new to antennas and all.


Antenna may be OK, but is performing bad because it is picking Cell/Mobile phone signals strongly, and these signals overload the dongle (flightstick). In this case adding a filter will help.

To find out what interfering signal exist in your location, use method given in this post:

Do I Need A Filter?


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When I visited my aunt a couple of years ago, she just got installed a satellite dish outside, on the wall above the window (flat block construction). She asked me why after rain she gets water pooling on the table that holds the TV and receiver. She said that the reps laughed at her when she complained over the phone that the receiver is leaking water.
When I asked where she sees the water she pointed… right under the cable connector!

The outside dish cable connector was not sealed, water was entering there and leaking down trough the cable (cheap cable have enough spacing to allow capillarity or water) and then leaking on the lowest point.


Ah, right. Yeah I did run that test before and after the new dongle and it did make a difference, but there’s still quite a lot of cell phone interference. Guess I just need to buy the extra filter and try again in couple months when it arrives.

It’s been a while, but I’ve found some ace clamps!

Something like This:
US - https://www.amazon.com/Together-life-Handlebar-Extension-Flashlight-Speedometer/dp/B07XBCPPGR/

UK - https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07T97TZSP/


Very good idea. Suggest checking your local dollar store. Mine has a good assortment of bicycle accessories. One never knows. :wink:

Looks fantastic but unfortunately about four mm to small to fit the Jetvision aerial. That’s a real shame as otherwise it would be perfect for fitting mine to the smaller pole I’m using at the top of the hexbeam.

Can this be used for fixing antenna with mast?

That might be useful if the mast/aerial diameters are the same!

In my case the aerial base is 22mm and the mast 25mm.

You can get those hydraulic pipe clamps as singles to… https://www.stauff.com/index.php?id=3909&MP=3897-3922

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I use mast extension clamps. About $US10 the pair in Australia.

Each mast can be from about 15mm to 50mm

or these in the UK


edited for a better image


Stauff clamps are really good - I’d need to get the 38mm version and pad both sides out. That’s a real possibility though.

The problem with a lot of these is that the threads don’t go far enough and so you can’t use them with small poles.

Has anyone tried this 1090MHz aerial from UK?




I’ve not tried it, but I think the choice of a BNC connector for external use to be questionable. It has limited weather resistance.

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This is not a perfect solution, but may help:

How-to Protect Outdoor Connectors and Cable From Ingress of Moisture (Due to Rain & Snow) and Resulting Short circuit, Corrosion, and Drop in Performance.

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