1 Man, 55 Hours, 7 Flights


So begins my 3-day transcon odyssey. As I posted in earlier threads, I redeemed some Delta Skymiles ( * cough - worthless - cough * ) hoping to get on some overbooked flights so as to be voluntarily bumped and receive full value vouchers.

I wanted to get my money’s worth and get the maximum number of opportunities, so I chose routes with the most number of stops, thus giving me more chances at getting on an overbooked flight. As it turns out, some flights are near full, but they probably will not be overbooked. So it looks like I’m just gonna have a weekend of a bunch of happy flights across the U.S. and back.

For anyone who cares or otherwise has nothing else better to do, I offer my itinerary:

                              Bkng                    Time   	   Meals/ Seat/
Day Date       Flight  Status Class       City     Local   EAST    Other  Cabin
--- ----- ------------ ------ ----- ---------------- -----------   ----- -------
Sat 02SEP DELTA 317     OK     N   LV WAS-DULLES    630A   630A           
B737-800                           AR ATLANTA       820A   820A          COACH

Sat 02SEP DELTA 171     OK     N   LV ATLANTA       1040A  1040A     M    
B777-200                           AR LOS ANGELES   1211P  311P          COACH

Sat 02SEP DELTA 5935*   OK     N   LV LOS ANGELES    307P  607P            
ERJ-140                            AR SAN JOSE CAL   414P  714P          COACH
          *Operated by AMERICAN EAGLE As AA Flt 3151


Sun 03SEP DELTA 4519*   OK     N   LV SAN JOSE CAL   515P  815P           
CRJ700                             AR SALT LAKE CI   805P  1005P         COACH
          *Operated by ATLANTIC SOUTHEAST

Sun 03SEP DELTA 418     OK      N   LV SALT LAKE CI  1145P  145A     M   
B757-200                                 TY                              COACH
                                    AR ATLANTA       519A# 519A#       


Mon 04SEP DELTA 519     OK     N   LV ATLANTA         803A  803A          
MD-88                              AR CINCINNATI      930A  930A         COACH

Mon 04SEP DELTA 5225*   OK     N   LV CINCINNATI     1210P  1210P         
CRJ100                             AR WAS-DULLES      138P  138P         COACH
          *Operated by COMAIR

Links to the flights on FlightAware:
IAD - ATL > Delta Flight 317
ATL - LAX > Delta Flight 171
LAX - SJC > American Eagle Flight 3151 (A Delta/American codesharing flight)

Sunday Night:
SJC - SLC > Delta Flight 4519 (Atlantic Southeast)
SLC - ATL > Delta Flight 418

Monday Morning:
ATL - CVG > Delta Flight 519
CVG - IAD > Delta Flight 5225 (Comair)

See y’all next week… :smiley:
(Given the last few weeks of events, I’ll add the words “I hope”)


Have fun, Needle!! Here’s hoping you get bumped, I think. :unamused: If nothing else, you’ve got a real potpouri of aircraft that you’ll be flying on.


Actually, the first flight out (317) looks like it’s being oversold right now! They’re offering to sell the flight, but when I look at the “view seats” link, there are no available seats. I think this is ideal as I think they’d rather NOT put me on a code-sharing flight if they didn’t have to. They’ve got IAD > SLC > SJC with plenty of seats available on their own aircraft leaving in the afternoon, :smiley:

If not, like you say, I get to sample a lot of planes and airports. Kind of lookin’ forward to seeing LAX actually, but I’d give that up for a voucher!


Don’t get to say this often and mean it, Nose here’s hoping you get bumped on every leg!


Lucky! [/Napolean Dynamite] You get to fly on a 777! NO FAIR. Lucky! I flew on a -200, IAH to LGW. I got bumped at ATL from a 752 to a 763! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Hopefully NOT! :wink:
We’ll see…
L8R G8Rs


He may get to switch flights WITHOUT getting bumped; his ATL-LAX flight is over an hour late (so far) departing, and he may end up missing his connection!! He still has a couple hours though…


Mechanical problem with one of the engines, and mechanics were dealing with a stripped nut/bolt. They gave us FREE headsets (a $2.00 value) to make up for it (Whooptie-G.D.-Dang!). Nice ride though, and the one passenger next to me in seat 56B didn’t show up, so I was free to move about the cabin!

I allowed plenty of time between connections for just such situations. The ONE layover I was actually looking forward to, and the time got cut in half! That’s my luck! SLC is a nice terminal though - lots of nice and interesting art adorning the walls.

As for SJC, I could’ve picked a worse destination. A nice, clean and modern light-rial transit system that’s easy to use. I could’ve picked a better hotel, but I won’t get into that…

Even for a plane-junkie like me, four flights at a time was a little bit much. It sure was nice to get back home again!


Needle, glad to see your trip went well and good to have you back. You guys can see my 6 flights this year at http://www.cessna750.blogspot.com.