XB-GHO Learjet 24 crash in Mexico Feb 18/2011


A flight instructor and his student were killed when the 1967 Learjet 24 collided with a building on airport property in Pachuca Mexico - NE of Mexico City.

It is unclear if it was landing or taking off at Ingeniero Juan Guillermo Villasana Airport however aircraft slid off runway and hit a building.

Aircraft was operated by Air Route Maya SA de CV.

Photo pretty wild paint!!



Aircraft had departed MMPC one hour prior to the crash on a training flight.
Upon arrival at MMPC, the right wing tank struck the runway, and directional control of the Learjet was lost.

Aircraft exited the side of the runway and struck a stone way head on, the aircraft bounced off and ended up beside the runway in flames - the fire burned for 40 minutes.

The wall it hit, surrounded an enclosure for Mexican Military dogs - and reports are 6 dogs where burned. Here is a photo of the wall that was hit, the dog enclosure you can see behind the wall.