working long range wifi antenna


Hi guys,

I’m trying to set up a remote station (solar power) and need to get my wifi network to it. Distance should not be a problem but it seems that i can not build a decent antenna for 2.45ghz… i’m using a wrt54gl ap and plan to use a doublequad antenna on the pi.

I have build 5differnt typs of antennas for the ap but non of them ist working better than the stock ones…

Accordingly to maps the distance should be around 250m

The view is also not blocked:

I’ve build 3 yagi style antennas but i dont know what i’m doing wrong

This is the last one… dimensions are from an instruction and according to that it should work very well.
I even build a moveable active element for tuning but this thing is just rubbish.

Can anyone give me a good working manual with metric dimensions


Can you post the dimensions of the reflector, driven element and first director of the Yagi? Judging from your feet on the floor :open_mouth: , to my untrained eye, it looks like the dimensions are wrong for 2.4Ghz.

Try this one


It may be simpler to use a 5Ghz wifi setup. I am in a denser area and see a dozen 2.4Ghz wifi SSIDs on a laptop inside my house.
I see hardly any 5Ghz SSIDs. There are also many more non-overlapping channels on 5Ghz. You probably wouldn’t even need a directional antenna.


I’m using 2.4ghz because it should be better for longe range because of the lower frequency… there is only one other network here and that is my own … :slight_smile:

Can’t remember the exact dimensions from my head now but the reflektor should be at around 66mm

The other one was around 56mm or so… and the first one was with the dimensions from the yagi script…

Don’t know what i’m doing wrong. … or is the beam that small that i need a 100%exact alliment on the target?!


or this one


You’re using these antenna’s on both sides, right? Because if one side is completely deaf, it won’t matter…

Try two of these, less directional - so easier to set up, and I’m sure you’ll be able to have a connection:


Andrew has some great videos on dimensions, and beam antennas. His store looks to be zero stock, but maybe if you write him he’ll make a custom set for you. I have one of his biquad yagi’s and it works great.