Will we ever abandon the magnetic compass for navigation


Im sure you all will have better reasons for or against abandoning magnetic compass and use true north. Some of the reasons i think we can or should are…
you cant navigate solely with a magnetic compass, you need to be in vfr conditions and a map, or communications with a control tower.
With one thing less to learn and remember and constantly compensate for, we could focus more on safety and flying the plane.
The chances of losing all avionics and communications is so remote… that the what if i feel is not worth worrying about.
It would help to clean up all of the navigation maps and misunderstandigs.

Well like i said earlier, im sure you all can come up with better examples.


What what? how do you think they navigated before radio nav?

Time, distance, and speed.

Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in an airplane with no windows


TSD is Time, Speed and Direction! Distance is calculated from time and speed, ain’t no odometer in a six-pack.

He had windows, he didn’t have a windshield!


My bad- but you get my point. GEEZE… GOD (in my Napoleon dynamite voice)


Oh yeah, the compass will be around until the next time the poles reverse. After that we probably won’t much care… :wink:

(Oh, and for the OP, GPS can be turned off at the flick of a switch and degraded even quicker. I like to have a “no batteries required” backup NAVAID.)