Will the owner of an aircraft know that I am tracking it.

I have tracked a particular aircraft for a few months. Today I found out that the owner has blocked FA tracking. Is there anyway the owner will know I have been tracking his aircraft? Does FA release this type of data? Thanks

Yes, they will know everything about you. They’ll know what you are wearing and what you last ate. They are tracking you. 8)

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To answer the original poster’s question: No, they will not know who has been tracking their aircraft. However, they will know who has not been tracking their aircraft.

I think the OP could figure that out…

The real questions here are: 1) Who are you stalking? and 2) Why don’t you want them to know?

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How’re they gonna know I’m not tracking their aircraft? If they could know who is NOT tracking their aircraft, they could use that information, and by process of elimination, find out who IS tracking them :confused:

There in lies the rub. Now follow my logic here.

  1. An aircraft makes holes in the sky
  2. Aircraft cost money.
  3. Therefore when the aircraft flies the holes are filled with money.
  4. By process of elimination if they knew they were throwing their money into the sky the would have known who was tracking but they didn’t know so they only know who is tracking but they cannot figure out who is tracking by process of elimination.

This is what is known as the “please pass me a dozen shots of vodka so I can understand what makes tracking airplane fun syndrome”

khenry: After all this fun at your expense, the serious answer is no, they cannot figure out if you were tracking their aircraft. Aircraft are being blocked every day from the tracking system. It was just coincidental that the aircraft you were tracking became blocked.

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