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Why so many domain lookups?

I was looking at my dns lookup logs for the past 24 hours.
Why would there be more than a couple of airframe lookups? I don’t even have a browser open to dump109-fa, so I’m not requesting any flight info.

Why so many lookups for flightaware.com? The address should be fetched and used for the life of the dump1090 process, unless it fails to connect.


dump1090-fa does no DNS lookups at all.
piaware does lookups for piaware.flightaware.com only, not the base domain.

Everything else is a browser somewhere, or some other automated process that you’ve missed.

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Aha! Thank you.
I did watch piaware on the TV connected to the pi, and forgot about it.
That chromium was still running. I usually kill xinit when I am done watching.
That still doesn’t explain repeated DNS lookups to the two domains. That doesn’t seem efficient.

It’s fairly normal for a stub resolver to send queries on every lookup. Caching then happens further upstream.

DNS lookups are really small.
It just doesn’t matter.

I did different code.
The latency of a DNS lookup impacted performance, and was unnecessary.

I’m surprised that the queries made it to the DNS server, and weren’t cached either on the Pi, or in the local router.
I’m gonna blame exhausting a cache on the hundreds of hidden tracking lookups in every public web page in the house :frowning:

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