Why Flight Isn't Listed

I was at KRDG yesterday (01/04/07) between 4:20pm and 4:30pm est. I observed a jet approach the airport to runway 31 and a few seconds before it would have touched down it kicked up to gain altitude and went around the airport to the other side of the same runway (runway 13) and landed. I believe it was a Challenger. Nothing appears on the flight tracker indicating there was a flight at KRDG at that time nor are there any like aircraft near that time period. Why wouldn’t the flight be listed?

The best way to find out the answer to this is to read the Questions/Answers. Had you read the section on privacy, you would have found out that it was more than likely an aircraft that the operator had blocked from appearing on flight trackers.

It might have been VFR too. If it was a short repo it’s a possibility.