Why did TWA favor the L1011'S over DC10'S

Can anyone tell me why the L1011 TRISTAR where favored more for ordering then the DC10’S back in the seventies and eighties. Eastern TWA PAN AM DELTA UNITED had them all but what was it that these carriers loved these jetliners. I mean RR or rolls royce nearly went bankrupt and left the L1011 project in limbo. I would have preferred the DC10 over the Trisater yet they did’nt last as long for passenger service compared with the DC10 aircraft any coments I would be interested in them Thank you

Possibly Hughes’ Lockeed connections??

lockheedmartin.com/us/100yea … ation.html

Most pilots loved both the Connie and the TriStar.

The Tristars or L1011’S were the first jetliner to introduce INS CAT111 which the DC10-30 became the most advanced jetliner in that era

Yes your 100 per cent right there beautiful aircraft to fly on as is the DC10’S

Yes i have read many articles about the Tristar and still have the emergency flight card from a PAN AM flight on a Tristar many years ago

Also remember that the L1011 was designed with the intent of becoming an aircraft able to fly transatlanic (even though early versions could not). The DC-10 was legitimately not TATL capable until the DC-10-30 came out which was not what originally sold airlines on the DC-10-10 (note that virtually no airlines operated both the -10 and -30)

TWA had the second largest transatlantic network among US carriers at the time. AA, UA, CO, and NW had virtually no transatlantic rights.