Who should I contact?


Okay, so i live in San Diego, and they are currently expanding Terminal 2 at Lindbergh Field in a project called “The Green Build”. Terminal 2[flight][/flight] basically has all airlines other than Southwest and United. It will be completed in 2013. Terminal 1 is very old and it has its 1960’s decor, except for adding concessions in the terminal. San Diego Airport is very small, and they don’t have any room to relocate. They also have only one runway. Because Southwest Airlines is a big hub here at Lindbergh Field, if they do construction on Terminal 1, there wont be any room for those planes to land. They will have to land or takeoff at Miramar, but the marines are very defensive, and do not want the lindbergh field airport to relocate there. Who do i contact to send this recommendation to? I think that this is needed because San Diego has such a small airport but a very large population of over 1 million. Detroit, on the other hand, has like 50% of its population, and the airport is much bigger.


Entreaty God to make your airport larger!


The Miramar idea has been around for quite a while, unfortunately as you said the Navy/Marine Corp. isn’t interested in swapping places. I would write everybody in Washington you can think of.


The Detroit metro area is much larger than the San Diego area. The population of the city itself is largely irrelevant.

Also, San Diego’s airport is not currently that congested. It is sort of short on space, but they will have plenty of space for the airlines that curently serve it.

One other solution they have for the reason is that they are building a parking lot and border crossing on the US-side right next to the Tijuana airport (which sits directly on the border). Passengers from the US flying to points in Mexico will be able to park in the US, walk across the border and into the Tijuana terminal, then take a domestic flight within Mexico from there.


Call the La Jolla City Council District. I’m sure they would love to hear your idea. !


I know. The reason why Miramar needs that airport space is because of its military plane operations. Without it, we won’t enjoy the Air Show. My dad thinks that George W Bush is part of the problem with his plans to fight Iraq.


Don’t be surprised if Southwest moves to the newly completely Terminal 2 on completion given it will have 10 more gates than the current Terminal 2. Southwest uses 10 gates themselves in San Diego.


I wasn’t aware of the location if the airport in TJ. It looks from Google Earth that the final approach would take an airplane over US airspace. Fascinating.


I can guarantee that won’t be possible because that means Terminal 1 would have to be demolished. On the news, they said that United and Alaska will move to Terminal 2, giving southwest more “breathing” room at terminal 1. I think that Terminal 1 should be renovated because it is the oldest terminal there. Also, i think Terminal 2 East should be renovated as well.


Thats not possible. It is in a very congested area. If they made it bigger, several houses would have to be demolished. The transportation system here is a mess. I think that in 10 years, if all else fails, there should be high speed rail between San Diego and LAX. But that is also a bad idea because that means SAN would have less traffic.