Which function returns Aircraft Registration Number?


Dear Support Team,

Which of the available functions returns aircraft registration number flown by specific flight number on a specific date?



In general, the aircraft registration number is not available for flights that are operating as an airline flight number. You should not expect to be able to know the registration number in those cases.

However, in limited cases for airline flights that operate in partnerships that allow FlightAware of publish that data, the AirlineFlightInfo function can be used to query the “tailnumber” element of a specific faFlightID (which can be obtained via various other FlightXML functions).


Thanks for the feedback! But will that function return the aircraft registration number by entering the flight number not faFlightID?

I guess this is an open discussion by other developers that is not closed yet, check post “http://discussions.flightaware.com/general/tail-number-and-flight-number-t12424.html

I guess we all believe that a cross link between the flight number/date and the corresponding aircraft reg number is possible. This is already available through antonakis.co.uk/acars.php?page=request , so why FlightAware can’t avail the same info?