Where in the world will Delta expand to next?

Following todays anouncement in the Atlanta Journal Courier, of DL operating ATL-LOS starting Dec. 3rd, i was wondering which route do you think DL will try next?

My guesses:

How about a poll! :smiley:


Dammit, Pika! I wish you would stop beating around the bush and tell us exactly how you feel!

Assume this will be via Skywest.


Delta Mainline is making it’s triumphant return to FAT on June 8th. They are coming and going to Atlanta. Fresno is half a million in pop. Add in the surrounding communities and you have a group of over 1 mill. This is as big, if not bigger than Mexicana making us international.

Skywest started service here (YKM) today. The first flight was supposed to arrive about an hour early for a media event and ceremony. They were 40min later than the regular schedule.

The local media has made a big deal about DELTA JET service. I think most people will be disappointed to see the interior of the plane is pretty much exactly the same as the Dash 8 we’ve grown to love.

Horizon is going to add Q400’s to our service. Me likes! 8)

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