When PiAware stops feeding


If PiAware has been configured to allow FlightAware to remote upgrade and send commands to PiAware, could you add radio buttons to the web interface to

  1. For the server to automatically send the commands to restart dump1090 or PiAware if one of those modules has stopped working.
  2. If (1) doesnt fix the problem for the server to initiate a remote reboot.

This assumes the server still has sufficient communications to issue the commands.


If PiAware has stopped, we can’t send commands.
If dump1090 has stopped feeding data, the local piaware will automatically try to restart it after a while.

While it’s not automated, you can send reboot commands manually from the website if you think the system has wedged. I’m a little reluctant to automate reboots on systems that aren’t maintained by FlightAware.


If we’re running a flight aware standard image and we’ve requested you to remotely update the software - then you are 90% maintaining the station.

if we tick a checkbox to say please attempt to restart if data stops coming through, it just removes the the 8-10hour delay (6 hours to send notification, 4 hours to wake and see it) when ‘the radio’ has wedged.


If dump1090 has stopped feeding data, the local piaware will automatically try to restart it after a while.

I’d like it if there was a standard watchdog to restart all the standard modules, if that didnt work do a reboot. with tha final fallback of hardware watchdog restart


It would really help if it would use

kill -9 dump1090-fa

I’ve read quite a few reports and experienced it myself that dump1090 will just crash when a wedge occurs and the regular restart attempts by piaware don’t work.


… which is why i was asking if something could be put in ghe software that could be enabled once a feed has been established to attempt the following.

  1. Restart the pi-aware software

  2. Restart the pi

  3. Have the hardware reset setup so if pi-aware doesnt keep updating a timer counter … will hard reset the pi.

Steps 2 & 3 could be selectable by flags on the flightaware account (like automatically update to latest version software), and dont get enabled until pi aware us up and running (so the pi doesnt end up in a reboot loop on comms failure)