What to do when you can't get to the airport?


Hey everyone! Just wanted to tell you guys about something that I have discovered that is really fun while it lets you practice flying while you aren’t at the airport. http://www.fs-mp.com FS-MP is a multiplayer community for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. It enables real pilots to fly virtually. With real-world certified Air Traffic Controllers and if you are a student pilot real-world CFIs to train with you. So if you have FSX and want a great experience come and join us and you will never want to leave. If you don’t join anyway there is tons of knowledge in this community waiting for you to learn just by talking to other pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. So come and join us. When you join be sure to put in the Recruiting member textbox my name: flyer522. Hope I will see some of you guys coming to join us.

~Holton :smiley: