What Is wrong with our DC-10's and MD-11's?


DC-10’s and MD-11’s are and was some of the most popular airplanes in the world. But what made people call them the “Death Trap”?
Was It design flaw, engine failiure, pilot error?
2 of the most horrifying accidents of the DC-10 aircraft that I can Remember…

  1. American Airlines flight 191. Engine fell off after poor maintenance and suffered hydraulic problems which made it uncontrollable, the fate of this aircraft went down near a hangar at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.
  2. Air New Zealand flight 901. Poor visibility and pilot error caused this jet to crash into Mt Erebus.


You forgot about UAL232. 3rd nacelle (attached to the tail elevator faulted, causing them to lose most steering function. crashed with one side of the cabin surviving while part of the other side didn’t, in Sioux City, IA.

Some of it was serious design flaw, some not. That’s why they got a serious facelift and retrofit with the MD10 and MD11. But as post-9/11 taught us, gas guzzlers aren’t long for the world, when you need something more fuel efficient. The DC10/MD10/MD11s don’t fit that bill.



I know all the accidents bud, but I was listing only 2 of them. But yes, you are quite right.