What is the delay?

Pan and zooming being added to the maps was one of the major feature requests a couple years ago when i first joined. It kept being promised that the feature was going to be added, why is that still missing?

It seems like no real, new, features are being added to the maps and i would love to hear why. I know its a free service and i can not complain, but this makes me leave and go to other services because they don’t take years to add major features like that.

This was the last response i received on this feature back in 2006:

From: dbaker
To: tacogy3
Posted: 07 Nov 2006 18:15
Subject: Re: Hi Quote message
tacogy3 wrote:
Will zooming and panning be coming anytime. I have been waiting for this feature for almost a year and i just keep hearing its come. Is it really coming?

Yes – as soon as possible. It definitely works on the back-end and we’re just working out some front-end integration issues. Then, we get to queue it up for when developers get to push things from the development systems to the production site.