What is an "L" in front of an "N" tail number



I am trying to figure out what is the meaning of the letter “L” in front of some flight data I got from the FAA; if I try to look it up with the “L” I get nothing, but without it, there is data.

The ‘L’ number is next to a normal “N” tail number, they are in 2 consecutive records with almost identical data, but either the arrival time or departure time is different. I noticed that the records that have it are for LJ type aircraft. I was thinking perhaps it means “Late”? I googled it, but cannot find an answer.

Only certain records have it, and I am not sure what they mean, here are some samples:

Aircraft ID ETMS Flight_Index Unique Flight_ID Date Departure Airport Departure Date (GMT) Departure Time (GMT) Arrival Airport Arrival Date (GMT) Arrival Time (GMT) User Class Aircraft Type

N33NJ 71022 20101201933811 1-Dec-10 FLL 20101201 20:39:00 MROC 20101202 0:25:33 General Aviation LJ35
LN33NJ 71022 20101201949543 1-Dec-10 FLL 20101201 20:39:00 MROC 20101201 23:28:50 General Aviation LJ35

N33NJ 319314 20110119733319 19-Jan-11 FLL 20110119 19:16:00 MHLM 20110119 21:27:00 General Aviation LJ35
LN33NJ 319314 20110119784520 19-Jan-11 FLL 20110119 19:26:22 MHLM 20110119 21:27:00 General Aviation LJ35

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L for lifeguard, T for air taxi operations.



Thanks for the quick response…! That helps understand better the FAA data.

Jorge M.