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What does your setup look like?

I won’t post any other network info due to security requirements.
Here is the home network with interconnects shown.

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Nice setup, second from right, is it the 5/8 antenna made by Stanislav Palo/SK (via ebay) ??
I have two of them (BNC and N connector) and I’m very satisfied …

Me setup is less impressive

The two most important things which have to be operational with an SLA of 99.999% are the ones from my wife.

If these are not working, i am really in trouble
All connected via WiFi except the line to the router which is VDSL

The ADS-B antennas are all Flight Aware 66 cm models.

Affirmative, this is the Stan antenna. is working good despite of the 8000 ft mountains surrounding the airfield.

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My setup is quite simple, much simpler than most here i guess :slight_smile:

Yep, cable mess, I know :wink:

No real finesse required, RPi3, powered USB hub, FA dongle, filter and just visible to the left and back is my home made coco suspended.

I went with the powered hub after a quick trial showed it made an improvement, and it keeps the power requirements of the pi to a minimum. The 1090Mhz filter also needed with two cell masts nearby.

I’m quite happy with the range for attic mounted coco and will leave alone now all setup and feeding FR24, FA and PF


A little update on the post from may 31.

Now: 2 Pi4B in Argon ONE cases

Guess which day the antennas went on the roof;

Nice bit of traffic this saturday;


Hacked my rooftop AC/heat-pump unit, using its 240VAC to power my station, housed in the gray vented weatherproof enclosure. The high antenna is a DPD half-wave omni for ADS-B; the lower antenna is VHF for AIS reception.

Main challenges in this location are extreme temperatures in both directions winter/summer and getting feeder data down to my LAN in my condo underneath this metal roof. I used to use wifi (you can perhaps still see the horizontally oriented external antenna under the box), but it was unreliable. POE is not an option since I cannot pierce the building’s envelope. So I am using power-line ethernet in a somewhat unconventional way, with the rooftop transceiver running on a 240VAC circuit and its paired device inside my condo on a 120VAC circuit (same neutral line). Bandwidth is just under 100Mbps.

Being on the roof of an old recycled clothing factory, close to an airport, and with long-range access to some major trans- and inter-continental airways helps to make this station perform quite well.

Andreas / VA2WBT


Nice setup, incredible range

the vents in the case will not bring humidity to the case?

I haven’t noticed any issues – the box seems well designed. See the exterior baffling in the first photo, which seems to keep our very extreme weather out. The box has been in service since September 2018 and has done a terrific job so far. It was quite expensive, as I recall. The only damage to date is that one of the catches to click the door shut broke off when I opened it in -15 deg. Celsius winter temperature (when it’s very brittle). I recently noted that the exhaust fan had pulled in a good deal of fine dust after a nearby building had its roof replaced, but there’s not much one can do about such things. Also, I did consciously mount it so that the vented side faced away from the prevailing wind direction; however, typically the nastiest weather – with horizontally blowing precipitation – tends to come from a direction opposite to the prevailing winds, so directly against the baffled vents. Again, no problems so far knock wood!

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Replying to a statement which was from February 3rd, where we even did not think about any Covid-19 impact…
Funny to read sometimes older threads

There’s always next year although I do wonder if we’ll ever get back to those volumes of traffic.

I would assume so. I like watching aircraft, but sometimes i think “are all these flights really required?”
German news are telling that the it might take another 1-2 years to get it back.

I am also sure that we will have a quick increase after the first vaccine becomes available to the public.

With respect, you are speaking for yourself.
Spending most of my time is southeast Asia, by the 3rd of Feb, it was pretty obvious the sh!t was starting to hit the fan.
The first reported transmission in Germany was on the 29/1. By Feb 3, there were 11.
By Feb 3, the official figure was 20000 infected and 426 dead.

For a disease that didn’t (officially) exist a month earlier, it was well under way.

My statement was not related to any of the dates you’ve given. I just mentioned that at the time of February 3rd nobody thought about that impact to the flight business.

Off topic, but you asked for…


Is your Feb 3 different to my Feb 3?

… and I disagreed (and offered a link showing why).
By Feb 3, flight routes had been cancelled and borders were closing to China. Even Hong Kong had closed most access from the mainland.

The Wikii timeline makes an interesting read

Did I? How so?