What are waypoints in firehose data feed?

Can someone let me know what are ‘waypoints’ that I see in the firehose feed? I probably missed it but I did not see that discussed anywhere in the documentation. For a given flight, under ‘waypoints’, I see several pairs of latitude and longitude. What do those correspond to? Thanks in advance.


Area navigation (RNAV) is a method used by aviators to fly between a network of navigation beacons. RNAV uses fly-over waypoints and fly-by waypoints to indicate where pilots can safely make turns.

As its name implies, pilots must fly directly over a fly-over waypoint.

Fly-by waypoints, usually indicated by a four-pointed star, are much more common. Pilots can take a “short cut” and turn ahead of the fly-by waypoint.

You can find the description of waypoints in the documentation linked below.

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