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What are nominal ADS-B signal levels?

I’d tend to agree that the problem is with connections somewhere - I don’t think one of those small whips on a plate will outperform the FA antenna unless there is something seriously hampering the performance of the latter. Trees will reduce signals received somewhat but not to the extent (except maybe if you are in a forest or something) you are seeing.

Maybe try testing the whip antenna in the attic or the FA antenna where the whip is and compare their performance.

The package was labeled as 50 ohm N-type male to SMA male. Fortunately I have a spare. I’ll have to check in the attic for the one on the antenna.

The performance of internal antennas can be severely impacted by inches of dislocation. Solve all you connector and cable problems first, and then try different placements of the antenna. Don’t count on always placing it higher for best results. I bet you will find a place with excellent, by indoor antenna standards, that will not make much sense, but hey, if it works…

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I had my antenna under that for a bit and could not see planes, like at all. Moved down to under the roof line and then I can see planes (it’s on the roof now)

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