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For Beginners - How-to Connect FlightAware Antenna, Filter and Pro Stick - Connectors and Cables Required




Please scroll-up to see previous post for arrangement of Antenna, Connectors, Cable, Filter and ProStick.

How-to Protect Outdoor Connectors and Cable From Ingress of Moisture (Due to Rain & Snow) and Resulting Short circuit, Corrosion, and Drop in Performance.

The simplest way to protect your connectors and cable from ingress of moisture is to wrap self-amalgamating / self-fusing / self-bonding tape over the connectors. Please do NOT use ordinary electrical PVC tape as it wont protect properly, and soon deteriorate.

An additional step in case of RG6 cable is to use Water Resistant type F-connectors which have built-in O-rings.

Examples of applying self-fusing tape on antenna and coax connectors are given below:



Self-Fusing Tape from Walmart USA


Self-fusing Tape from Canadian Tire, CANADA