Web site and flightXML2.0 API data does not match!



I’m sending requests to FlightInfoEx API for a flight number. It returns 15 days data.
payload = {'ident': 'PGT2207','howMany':'15', 'offset': next_offset}

10 Sep 2018 results doesn’t match with website data:

“actualdeparturetime”: Monday, September 10, 2018 10:03:41 PM [GMT+03:00]
“actualarrivaltime”: Monday, September 10, 2018 10:45:33 PM [GMT+03:00]




10:03PM +03

Scheduled 10:00PM +03


10:58PM +03

Scheduled 10:55PM +03

Raw data
u ‘origin’: u ‘LTBJ’,
u ‘filed_altitude’: 0,
u ‘ident’: u ‘PGT2207’,
u ‘faFlightID’: u ‘PGT2207-1536384346-airline-0282’,
u ‘actualdeparturetime’: 1536606221,
u ‘filed_ete’: u ‘00:55:00’,
u ‘actualarrivaltime’: 1536608733,
u ‘route’: u ‘’,
u ‘filed_airspeed_mach’: u ‘’,
u ‘filed_time’: 1536384346,
u ‘destinationCity’: u ‘Istanbul’,
u ‘destinationName’: u “Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Int’l”,
u ‘estimatedarrivaltime’: 1536609521,
u ‘filed_airspeed_kts’: 203,
u ‘aircrafttype’: u ‘B738’,
u ‘originName’: u “\u0130zmir Adnan Menderes Int’l”,
u ‘destination’: u ‘LTFJ’,
u ‘filed_departuretime’: 1536606000,
u ‘originCity’: u ‘\u0130zmir’,
u ‘diverted’: u ‘’

website link:


You are looking at the wrong flight on our website (different day). The actual flight page for that FlightXML data is this page:


Thanks but why "actualarrivaltime"still different on each source?


I’ve edit question. Same problem still exists?


The website is showing the estimated arrival time since a formal arrival message was not received for this flight. The actual arrival time seen in the FlightXML response matches up with with the arrival time in the flight’s track log.