I have noticed that when you pull up a past flight you see the track and the CURRENT weather and not the weather the plane was going through/around. Any ways of looking at a track that way?

The last flight I had in a friends little Cessna I had to go around some nasty looken stuff and wanted to check it out. N656SJ KMDH to KDPA.


Need to be more specific. Please click on the date of the flight, copy the URL, and then paste it here. Or, at least give us the date of the flight.

Was it one of these flights? … /KMDH/KDPA … /KMDH/KDPA


You don’t need to be any more specific, the radar data is always shown realtime superimposed over the historical track. There is currently no way do see the historical radar data with the flight track on FlightAware.


I’m aware of this. I was thinking more of seeing the actual tracking. From that, one can guesstimate about the weather.

It would be nice to show the historical radar.


Ya know Dami, search is your friend. Isn’t that what you say? … al+weather






I know about that discussion. I was just saying it would be nice, sorta like thinking out loud. You know what I mean, Vern? Get 'er done!

(Yes I know your name is Allen and not Vern but I’m referring to a commercial from years gone by.)