weather radar not working


As of 1345Z on Sept 16th, the weather radar for Chicago and Detroit is not working. :confused:


We had some network connectivity issues this morning that reduced our weather serving capability, it should be working now.


Looks like it’s working now. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Weather radar not working in NYC area


Sporadic weather issues, we’re working on it.


It’s not working, again. But I see you are working on it so I will be patient :laughing:


Same for out here on the middle West coast.


We’re still having about 3% of weather requests are failing - it’s not localized, random across the country.


Just a note, this morning the display was there when FA/Live first loaded then it was gone. Nice bug to chase . . .
“Well, so what if it is an intermittent; when will it be fixed?” :imp:
Stay 8) man do not go to the Dark Side :smiling_imp: Just stay 8)


Definitely a poltergeist working here. The Wx display was back within minutes of my last post. Most certainly have to pass credit to staff. :exclamation: