Weather on maps

I notice lately that the weather on the maps don’t show up. Look at BNA there a major storms in the area and more will be coming soon but nothing is showing. Or when I look at the little map there is weather but when I click on it there is no weather.

Should be fixed now. Let me know if you see this happen again.

Thanks mduell that was fast. I will let you know if it happens again.

Weather doesn’t appear to be working again for Michigan.

All the map servers look OK to me.

When reporting missing weather, please report the map server number (right click on the map and choose Properties).

Heard reports of snow falling in N. Detroit suburbs this AM. Sounds like the weather is working fine to me…

Weather over KTUL/KRVS not working (we are getting dumped on by a T-storm as I am typing) blah blah blah…

Fix it at your leisure…server 6 (or is it map6?)

Thanks pika, weather is back up now.

The developers had a “great fix” last week that was supposed to put an end to the weather outages, but now they have an “even better fix.” :slight_smile: